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Oats have a high nutritional content which not only makes it good for your body but good for the beauty of your skin! Do your own test and eat oat porridge for one month to experience the difference for yourself. You’ll not only feel better but you’ll look better. You’ll also have more energy because porridge will give you sustained energy due it being a slow digester that is high in fibre. You’ll feel full longer! If you go hungry after a short time, you need to eat more!


You can make your own oat flour by food processing one cup of oat flakes into a flour and substituting it for one cup of flour in any recipe.  This will give you a nutty and deliciously light flour. You can add soaked oats to any smoothie to make a complete meal. Eat oat porridge to stay fit, healthy and strong!

  • Why Porridge?
    A delicious and healthy breakfast is very important. It’s a positive way to start your day and it can set the tone for the rest of your day. Never skip breakfast! This is one of the best ways to set the tone for the rest of your life. I have many long lifers in my family and they all eat breakfast. They never skip breakfast! When you wake up, you have actually fasted throughout the night and with a good night’s sleep, that should consist of at least 8 hours, your body needs fuel to go about the first few hours of your day. Some breakfast ideas - Fruit, Fruit and a protein such as yoghurt or creme fraiche, Cereal of any kind which are often oat based but there are buckwheat, wheat, corn or rice based cereals, Protein such as eggs, toast and beans ( by adding beans such as baked beans for example, you’ll get some fibre), Some even like to have a breakfast bar (be careful with these as most are loaded with sugar) My favourite…Porridge, is oat based with added fruit and yoghurt for protein. Why porridge? Because oat-based porridge is high in fibre, vitamins, minerals and protein, and when you add fruit and yoghurt, you have a complete meal that is not only nutritious but also delicious. Oats contain beta glucan, a fibre unique to oats that helps to control cholesterol and generally contributes to good health.
  • How do I stir my oats for optimal flavour and creaminess without lumps?
    Before I had heard of a spurtle, I, like many others, stirred my porridge with a wooden spoon. The problem was that quite a lot of porridge would stick to the spoon and that would either have to be scraped off the spoon or it would be wasted. When I entered The World Porridge Making Championships in Scotland, I learned about spurtles. A spurtle is the original porridge stirring stick that, because of its shape, stirs porridge to a lump-free consistency with minimal porridge sticking to it. It’s shaped more like a stick and less like a spoon. Make sure it is made of non-toxic hardwood. If not, allergy symptoms may ensue if it's made of toxic wood or it may split if it’s not made of hardwood. Try The Porridge Mom spurtles as they’re made of sustainable forest-sourced, non-toxic hardwood maple, the most ideal wood for culinary use. And the ergonomically designed shape makes for easy holding and better stirring. They’re resistant to splitting and have no characteristic odour. Stirring with The Porridge Mom spurtle results in better tasting porridge and less wasted porridge.
  • What is a spurtle and how to care for it?
    Porridge should be creamy, smooth and lump-free and the best way to get this result is by stirring it with a spurtle, the 15C traditional Scottish porridge stirring stick. Not all spurtles are equal in that some are made of toxic wood while others may split. The Porridge Mom spurtles are made of non-toxic hardwood maple sourced only from sustainable forests. They have no characteristic odour, are resistant to splitting and are highly suitable for culinary use. The Porridge Mom Guarantee: The Porridge Mom spurtles are guaranteed not to split with everyday use, following our Spurtle Care and Instructions Guide.
  • What is our return policy?
    We want you to be completely satisfied with this Canadian designed spurtle. It is made of maple wood sourced from sustainable Canadian forests and has been produced on a wood lathe. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied, please return it within 30 days from your date of purchase, in the same condition and packaging that you received it, to be issued a full refund.
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