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Why Porridge and Spurtles?

A spurtle is a very special stirring utensil! Why, you may ask, would I need a spurtle? Well, it's special in that The Porridge Mom spurtles are made of 100% Canadian, sustainable forest sourced hardwood maple that have durability like no other, yet are most similar to well designed, high end wooden spoons. And a spurtle is the best utensil to stir porridge, batter, pasta, rice, soups, stews and sauces.

Here are some questions I've been asked about cooking and baking utensils with the answers below!

"What is a whisk best used for?", I've been asked.

- A whisk is best used for stirring air into various ingredients! Take egg whites, for example. Only a whisk can give egg whites their fluffly texture for a delicious cake or other dessert. A whisk is best used to make scrambled eggs, or to beat whipped cream, or to mix wet ingredients for a cake.

If you stirred porridge with a wisk, the porridge would stick in between the tines of the wisk, whereas with a spurtle, it's smooth stirring to a lump free consistency each and every time. The ergonomically desiged top handle portion of The Porridge Mom spurtle allows for easy stirring into those rounded corners of any cooking pot sides and bottom, using the outcropping at the bottom of the spurtle. A truly unique Canadian design!

"When is it best to use a wooden spoon?"

- A wooden spoon has greater surface area and can stir very large batches of batter such as cookie dough, although you may want to use a mechanized mixer. If you used a wooden spoon to stir porridge, the porridge would stick to the large surface area of the wooden spoon and you'd end up with wasted porridge or batter. The best way to stir porridge or batter is with a spurtle because its dynamic shape allows for minimal porridge or batter to stick to the spurtle.

"What about a spatula?"

- I have seen a spatula being called a spurtle which, it is not! A spatula is a spatula and a spurtle is a spurtle! The former is meant for folding ingredients into your batter or scraping batter out of your mixing bowl. The best utensil to fold beaten egg whites into a pavlova or chocolate cake batter is, a spatula. And the best utensil to clean remaining batter out of your mixing bowl, is a spatula.

When it comes to easy clean up, your spurtle will be the fastest and easiest to clean. Immediately after use, rinse your spurtle under cold running water while using your fingers to work off any remaining food residue and then dry it with a soft cloth.

Hardwood maple has naturally occurring anti-bacterial properties which means mold will be less likely to occur, if at all. Use a little soap if you prefer but never leave any high quality, wooden cookware tool sitting in hot food or, hot or cold water.

A hardwood maple spurtle will not split or crack and is made of 100% non-toxic hardwood. Some spurtles being sold, and I have purchased and used these, have either split or, they were made of toxic wood. Yes, toxic wood, speaking from experience, can produce allergy symptoms such sneezing and/or a runny nose.

Each and every one of The Porridge Mom spurtles are crafted by Nathan Clarke, our wood craftsman who specializes in fine woodworking like no other. His website is All our spurtles are inspected and then hand sanded for a final finish before The Porridge Mom logo is brass branded on the top of the ergonomic top handle to give it its unique, one of a kind look. When it's The Porridge Mom cookware product or cookware accessory, you're guaranteed the best quality in its class!

Stir in some goodness!


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