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The Only Way to Epic Porridge

The most delicious and nutritious porridge starts with organic oats which can be whole oat flakes, quick cooking oats, steel cut oats or steel cut oats that are stone ground as is the Irish and Scottish oatmeals.

Next, only pure or purified water will do! Many ordinary tap waters contain a high number of impurities amounting to a high parts per million count. In other words, if for example, you have 300 parts per million, there is a 300 part contaminant count for every million parts of water. According to the World Health Organization, water with up to 300 ppm is considered good for drinking while the Environmental Protection Agency mentions a maximum of 500 ppm. Difficult to find mention of ppm as it pertains to safe water. A good reverse osmosis water system filters water to 3 parts per million.

I once stayed at an inn that served water filtered through a 7 part filter system and I'd never tasted water as good!

So far, to make epic porridge it takes organic oats and pure water. The third critical ingredient is sea salt. Add a pinch or two for two to four servings!

Put the three mentioned ingredients into a pot as per the package directions and stir well while the porridge reaches the boiling point. The more you stir, the creamier the porridge will be. And when you use a traditional spurtle, the original porridge stirring utensil, you'll have lump-free porridge each and every time.

A good method than can save you time is to bring the three ingredients to the boil then stir and stir until all lumps have disappeared. Reduce heat to the lowest setting and set your timer as per package directions with the lid on the pot. This could save you time if you're a busy mom with school aged children or you're simply getting yourself ready for a busy day at work.


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