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The Art of Stirring - stirring pure

Did you know that not every recipe can be stirred thoroughly with a whisk or a wooden spoon? As I have mentioned in a previous post, a whisk is for putting air into ingredients and a wooden spoon is wonderful for stirring beautiful cake recipes. A spurtle will stir all your dry ingredients thoroughly, after using the spurtle to punch out all the lumps, stir and stir and stir so that the dry ingredients mix thoroughly. After pourint the wet ingredients into dry ingredients, stir and stir and stir, according to your recipe.

When it comes to porridge, a spurtle in the only way to stir your porridge pure. You see, if you use a wooden spoon the porridge will stick to it and you'll waste some porridge, whereas if you use a spurtle, you'll have minimal porridge wasted as there is less wood for the porridge to stick to. Besides, a spurtle is meant to stir creamy, lump-free porridge that is delicious and nutritious everytime!

Ancient Scottish tradition says that it's always importent to stir every pot of porridge or any bowl of dry ingredients, batter, soup, stew, pasta, rice or sauce in a clockwise direction so as to stir in as much love as possible. Wink!...wink!

Stir in some goodness!


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