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Stir and stir and stir!

When I adopted my second son, who arrived quite malnourished, I began feeding him oats daily. Well, he grew to absolutely love porridge and this is how and why my business was established! He would sit at the table and ask for "powidge, powidge. I want powidge.", he would say. He simply couldn't get enough of my porridge., topped with banana and some yogurt.

He was two years old then and still loves oat porridge to this day, at the age of fourteen. Some mornings he even stirs the cooking porridge that has become very special to him. Truly #nourishing and #delicious and #satisfying. Because of my experience with my adopted son and porridge, I decided to enter The World Porridge Making Championship @goldenspurtle in Scotland in 2018. It was a wonderful experience where I didn't win but learned a lot about porridge and spurtles, the porridge stirring stick! The one that I purchased to take with me to Scotland turned out to be made of toxic wood. Yes, toxic wood! The second one that I obtained in Scotland was lovely but didn't last as it was somewhat delicate. It split and I only got a few uses out of it.

Along came the idea to produce the best spurtle available. The Porridge Mom spurtle was born.! After various prototypes, a Canadian hardwood maple spurtle design was decided upon. It was made of sustainable forest-sourced, hardwood maple, non-toxic, guaranteed not to split, with a unique Canadian design that includes a nodule on the stirring end to get into the bottom edges of any pot and an ergonomic top handle for comfort, and ease of use. And, it was discovered to also be very good for stirring cake, pancake, muffin and cookie batter, stews, rice, sauces and pasta.

The best stirring cookware utensil is born!


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