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Mindful cookware utensils

This title may sound crazy but think about it. The government tends to have more information and regulations for the cookware you cook in and not for the utensils you stir or serve with even though these utensils are used under the pressure of high heat. So I ask you this! Would you use reclaimed wood around your food? Would you use woods that had toxic components around your food? Would you use a material that under high heat may be toxic to you and your family? These are all questions I have asked and yet many don't give it another thought. Don't think that if it looks pretty and it's for sale that it is safe. Remember the Teflon scare? The government says not to use silicone cookware above temperatures of 220°C (428°F). If you're using silicone cookware do you take the temperature of the food you're cooking to know whether it is safe or not?

This is why sustainable forest sourced hardwood maple is the safest choice for cookware utensils. Some woods can release a toxin when used in hot food while others are simply toxic and should not be used for cookware at all. Furniture wood is not necessarily appropriate or safe for hot food. Remember that what seems like a good price for cookware utensils may not mean it is the best choice in that it may not be long lasting nor may it be completely safe and not toxic over time.

Think about how you stir your food and make safe and healthy choices for you and your family!

I stand by my personal choice to use only sustainable forest-sourced hardwood maple because what I stir my food with can affect my family! And if you or any member of your family has allergies, I urge you to evaluate your cookware and your cookware utensils. Be sure to only buy sustainable forest-sourced hardwood maple. It may cost a little bit more than the mass produced lower cost materials but in the end, don't you agree that the less we expose yourselves to toxins, the better chance we'll have of better health.


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